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Seasons: 1

18 contestants have decided to quit their everyday routines and lifestyles, to head to the very heart of the jungle. Together, they embark on a breath-taking adventure, a wild race along the Amazon River to discover hidden tribes and perform traditional rituals and challenges. They will come across different obstacles along the river, struggle against the forces of nature and make their way through the jungle to tribal territories where they will experience mysterious cultures. Here they will tackle the most challenging tasks related to the lives of the indigenous people. Due to the inherent risk, the jungle cannot be crossed alone. The contestants will make the journey of their lives in three teams, aiming to outrun each other and send the maximum number of contestants through to the final, where they suddenly become individual players, pitted against their former teammates, only one of them will arrive at journey’s end a winner. We witness the contestants’ fears, adventures, romances and transformations as they discover ancient traditions, and in the process find themselves. An enriching television experience which is fun and exciting for the entire family.