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Seasons: 4

Four 20-somethings move to Tel-Aviv, the big city, from all over the country. Each one comes with a dream to conquer the Israeli communications arena, whether by joining the city's top PR agency, TV industry, or by being the first female sports broadcaster at the Israeli sports channel. But to get to the top, they have to start from the bottom! TLV chronicles their journeys - from their thrilling success to devastating failure, from heartbreaks to hot romances and the change of living in a small town of the country side to the big city. How will they deal with the pressures of the city, together with a demanding new job in the industry, and their lives together in a beautiful TLV loft? Because in the city where anything can happen, everything will! The 4 season of the series, were broadcasted on HOT Israeli cable network, and then picked up by the major broadcasters for reruns.

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