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Seasons: 1

Trinny & Susannah This fun 60’ factual entertainment format see’s Britain’s fashion ambassadors restyling the globe and throwing all diplomacy out of the window. An impassioned plea to the fashion ambassadors is made by someone who has had enough of their loved one’s complete disregard for the way they look. This is an intense format that gets to work from the very first scene and without pandering to diplomacy! The straight talking begins with an entirely candid critique of the nominee’s lack of sartorial nous. Trinny & Susannah then totally turn the tables and surprise everyone with a shocking bombshell… They are equally appalled with the person doing the nominating’s distinct lack of style! Both the nominator and their nominee will receive a full fashion fix. The makeover, including the first time they see themselves in the mirror, ends with the newly styled fashionistas presented to their family and friends.