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Seasons: 2

A talent show that combines a unique reality project that documents the establishment of a new boy-girl band. After a series of exhausting auditions, a group of ten young men and women, from whom the Band members will be chosen (four or five). Along the route to the choice of the final band members, they will have to live under the pressures of a tight schedule of exhausting training, challenging assignments, and the need to live in harmony with each other, while in each cycle they will have to part with one of their friends. They will be accompanied by the best professionals in the music and entertainment business, and face elimination. Life in the same house will very soon bring the relationships within the band to the surface: the competition and jealousies, friendships and affections... All along, the goal will be clear to all – to be one of the final group to form the Band. Obviously, the harmony and the competition within the group will bring a dramatic, intensive and thrilling reality experience to the screen.

Trailer Season 1

Trailer Season 2