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The Attaché tells the story of Avshalom, an Israeli Jewish man of Moroccan descent, a successful musician who relocates to Paris for his wife Annabelle’s new job as the Attaché to the Israeli embassy in Paris. There, he has a marital crisis in the eternal capital of romance, a personal immigration crisis in the heart of Europe, and a crisis of masculinity and fatherhood. He’s in the middle of so many crises, that he hardly realizes he’s reached the milestone age of forty. Avshalom goes from living close to the sun, sea and his friends in Tel Aviv, to being an anonymous immigrant in a foreign land. As if all this weren’t enough, their arrival in Paris falls on the same days as the largest terror attack in French history. It seems to Avshalom that Paris itself, or maybe all of Europe, is experiencing a transition along with him. In complete contrast to Avshalom, his wife Annabelle blooms in Paris. Before his perplexed eyes she becomes a busy Parisian career woman, wittier than ever before, busier than ever before, speaking a language he does not understand. Despite the geographical distance that separates Avshalom from his country, friends, family and career, what he fears most is the growing distance between himself and Annabelle, his wife, his love. "The "Attaché's" casting is excellent. Ben- David himself plays a wonderful role. Goode, who plays alongside him also plays her role very convincingly. The texts are both accurate and authentic." Israel Today "What is so impressive here is that Ben-David juggles all these things with evident skill and confidence, and brings out impressive acting performances from himself and his different actors, including the guest actors. Moreover, the series looks spectacular." Pnai Plus