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Docu Reality

Seasons: 2

AH Original format Swaggerz presents the voice of a generation, Generation Z. The show take part in the global social networks' international phenomena, and follow a new group of youngsters becoming “Swaggerz”. SWAGGERZ is a truly forward-thinking and youthful proposition: a show that will bring together a cast of 5 up-and-coming stars of social media and follow them as they set out to truly conquer their platform.  After all, if you’re under 30 and you want to Be Someone then you’ll have your sights firmly set on YouTube, Facebook, Insta, Snapchat et al.  They band together with other web stars coming from worlds a little different from theirs (and whose characters are different from theirs). Their shared goal is to reach wide audiences, and together they set off to conquer the web. The Swaggerz, who are used to being soloists, will have to learn to work collaboratively, which will create quite a few conflicts and new situations. Besides the difficulties, they will also learn a lot from each other. They will have to cope with dilemmas and challenges that will sometimes end in failure and at other times with an elevating victory. They will laugh and cry, rejoice and be disappointed, will form friendships and perhaps even fall in love. SWAGGERZ is the first TV show to reveal all that it takes to make it in this rapidly-moving, heart-stopping exciting and cutting edge world.  With an access-all-areas pass, we’ll follow these five talented young individuals as they strive to turn their follower numbers stratospheric.

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