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A Docu-reality show that examines real life. Over the course of our daily life when we want to do as much as possible, when we establish a home and a family, we tend to neglect the most important thing - our body.  The aim of RESTART is to turn the limelight to the damages we cause our body. It’s time we take back control of our body to ourselves since our physical health affects our mental health, and hence our daily life.  If we change our physical condition, we will also change our mental condition and our whole state of being, our lives. The goal is to show how understanding the damage and neglect we have caused our body brings about a total change of lifestyle. The participants undergo comprehensive examinations, in order to specify the physical/medical condition of each of them. With the help of a professional team of experts and the support of their loved ones, these individuals will have 6 months to make lifestyle changes. We will accompany our heroes in their processes, the difficult moments, the crises, the successes and the moving moments until they reach the desired goal. Since these are "real people" living their lives, the viewers can easily identify with them and understand the aspects of the process that could also be suitable for them. We want them to think - I can do that too. Restart sold and produced in Slovakia.