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Seasons: 3

How well do you know your partner? Will he do anything for you? Are you willing to bet on it? Power Couple is a game where your relationship is worth money Power Couple is a different experience in the reality show genre bringing a lot of humor, emotions and love to the screen and not only intrigues and conspiracies Imagine yourself in a 24/7 Reality with your partner…. Now imagine 12 married/ romantic couples together in one villa… Each Week, the relationships have to endure not only the shared life in one location with other couples, but also a variety of challenges – some for the men, others for the women, and some challenges in which a couple will need to join forces and compete with the other couples in the villa. A new, funny and romantic reality TV experience. How will the competition affect the relationship of each of the couples? How will the competition affect their relations with the other couples? Anger, love, jealousy, competition, voyeurism, action, fun and stress – which relationship can survive all that? Power Couple enjoy an international success, sold and produced in – Germany (6 seasons), Brazil (5 seasons), Hungary (5 seasons), Mexico (2 seasons),Bulgaria (2 seasons), Croatia (3 seasons), Slovenia, Portugal, India, Poland, and South Africa (1 season). 

Trailer Season 1

Trailer Season 2

Trailer Season 3