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Seasons: 1

A musical drama starring singer Bar Tzabari, centering on Gili Hadad, a young and talented musician from Rosh Haayin, whose greatest dream is to release a single. He grew up as a wonder child performing at a club owned by his father, who later abandoned the family, leaving Gili to become responsible for everyone. He's always there for his beloved mother Sari, his teenage-rebel sister Hodaya, and his good-for-nothing brother Ben, who's in the IDF. Gili works at an event venue, singing at small gigs with Middle Eastern musical classics, trying to save money to cut a demo in a real studio "like old times". But when the studio session day finally arrives, he is told that his father has suddenly died under strange circumstances. Even in his death, his father manages to ruin his dream. Now, to take care of his father's debts to a local mafioso, Gili must work as the mob boss' driver. What begins as extreme hostility between the two men slowly gives rise to a personal and complicated relationship that shakes up his family, as thanks to the mafia, Gili can boost his musical career and experience the father he never had.