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Seasons: 1

The format documents a bachelor, his friends (the Entourage) and 14 bachelorettes 24/7 LIVE, ensconced in the stunning Love Lab Villa. They have to cope with each other, have one on one dates, involved in group assignments, and many other twists and surprises thrown their way by the production. Will any of them find love? At the end of the season the bachelor will choose one girl he believes he can have a serious relationship with. Should the audience agree, the two will receive a prize of 1 million to start out their life together? If the audience does not agree with the bachelor's choice, they will award the million to one of the other girls who will come out of the villa without love, but a million richer. Love Lab is broadcast LIVE 24/7 on a designated channel and the broadcaster's website. Twice a week the broadcaster airs primetime summary episodes. On the first weekly episode the viewers chooses 4 girls they feel are not right for the bachelor, by SMS and internet voting, and on the second weekly episode the bachelor himself chooses one of these girls for the weekly elimination. The show provides a fascinating look at the search for love through the eyes of men and women alike, at many instances presenting the very different responses to the same situation, and at other times responses that are stunning in their similarity. The show also provides a peek at the relationships of women among themselves, men among themselves, and men and women together.

Trailer Season 1