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Seasons: 1

Trinny and Susannah as you've never seen them before – from the inside out. The fashionable British duo's new format, examining how our clothing style influences our behavior, changes how others see us, and can cause breakdowns in our relationships. Each episode will focus on making over one pair of people, addressing their insecurities, and then re-clothing them in a dramatic transformation of body and soul - two sisters disfigured in a car accident; a teenage girl embarrassed by her mother's skanky style; the fiancée of a male stripper trying to turn him into a marrying man… and many more touching pairs whose style issues are driving a wedge through their relationship. Once they strip down the problem to its core, Trinny and Susannah then build up the participants' confidence by giving them invaluable style advice, building a new wardrobe that reflects their new attitude.