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Dating Show

Seasons: 1

Hear Me. Love Me. See Me. is a genre-defining dating format, sets out to prove that when searching for love, looks aren’t everything. The format takes one single woman and sets her up with three dates all occurring in one day. There’s just one small catch…they aren’t allowed to see what their dates looks like. Using the latest in 4G technology, three men are equipped with cameras which give the single woman a front row point of view seat to a day in their lives. By switching between the three men’s feeds, she can talk to them, get to know them and see if there is a personality match. From seeing what they eat for breakfast, to joining them for a day at work, to meeting their friends, family and colleagues, she gets to peek into all aspects of their life (something that usually takes a very long time to happen in real life). After a day of intensive virtual dating, its decision time and the bachelorette must choose one lucky man to whisk off for some fun and flirtation over an intimate romantic dinner. Once her decision is made, her three suitors enter the hotel room and they see each other for the first time. Which of the three did she choose? Did she make the right choice? Her pick is revealed and the chosen man steps forward. But will the single man like what he sees? Will it be love at first sight or will the date end in disappointment and disaster? An international success, sold to Italy (2 seasons), US, China, Thailand, India, Greece, Ethiopia, Mexico, Indonesia, Chaina and South Africa.