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Berlin Blues


Seasons: 1

Jonah, an oboist, and his wife Talia, a young novelist, are excited about moving to Berlin with their daughter Ranny and starting a new chapter in their lives. Jonah puts all his efforts into feeling at home and embracing German culture, and joins an orchestra in Berlin as an oboist. Talia, meanwhile, tries to focus on writing her second novel, after her debut novel, based on her relationship with her mentally-challenged brother, found great success in Israel. But her work hits a wall, she’s suffering from writer’s block, stuck all alone in a foreign land, far from her friends and her family, in a state of crisis. Talia’s crisis and homesickness clashes with Jonah’s flourishing and tears open a gap between the two, which comes to a head when Jonah decides to sign on with the orchestra for another year without consulting Talia.  

Berlin Blues