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Seasons: 1

The series tells the story of four young siblings living in Tel-Aviv. Their lives will be examined compared to their parents. Yes, it's about a family. The parents, which are getting divorced after 30 years, live in Jerusalem. The kids are living in Tel-Aviv, the big city, starting their adult lives and are having a hard time coping with the surprising news. The young members of the family are trying to deal with their parents and their past. The series follows the family members in their everyday lives, with each member of the family experiencing a personal crisis that changes the course of his life. Every weekend, the children travel to Jerusalem for the Shabbat. The series is constructed with a collection of scenes and situations concerning love, relationships, money, education, children and more. Each episode of the series ends with a short graphic novella, created by the daughter, Shirley, who draw herself as a mouse, which tells a story of a family life in paintings. True advancement and growth can happen through accepting the past and understanding it. "The intriguing family drama of the year…" nrg