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Chef Swap


Seasons: 1

Chef swap follows two chefs who agree to swap restaurants for one service. They could have completely different ideas about food, different methods of working or cook completely different cuisine. French versus Indian, Chinese versus Italian but they must agree to hand over the keys to their kitchen kingdom. After the swap, they must first get to know the unfamiliar kitchen and get to know the staff. The people who are key to running a restaurant. It’s fair to say, the chefs meet with the team who don't always like them and are not very keen to cooperate with the one-service boss. Once settled in the kitchen and familiar with the team they cook with them 3 or 4 dishes from the restaurant's menu, focusing on the ones that they are interested to change to fit their personal tastes. The restaurant is then open to a full service with the new dishes. New menu, new staff, new kitchen, new ideas… On the second day, the two chefs swap back by meeting in a neutral territory and cook each other the dishes they've changed. Here they are eating and talking about food, cooking, and being a chef. The viewers can hear conversations from behind the scenes of the culinary world. Conversations that none of us - and not even the chefs - have heard before. It's an insightful and honest look into the high-end restaurant industry. At the end of the conversation, they will often adopt one of the other chef's dishes for their regular menu.

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