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Seasons: 3

How to find "the one" in today's impossible dating world? A reality show in which four strong successful women attempt to break the cycle of their single life and become truly vested in finding their ”New Love". During every cycle, the women and a chosen partner are committed to spend 3 days together in an apartment. During that time the couples experience different situations, change various moods, go out together to various activities encounter challenges and enjoy intimate moments, in their shared apartment. At the end of the 72 hours they had together, the women and their partners need to decide whether they would like to stay together for another 72 hours or would rather break up. Using cameras that network the compound, experts will watch the events and monitor the women, they chose the men for each woman, and they will support them during the process and advise them when needed, giving them the emotional tools to avoid relationships mistakes that they might have done in the past. Full of emotions, drama, and laughter, like a real life and authentic soap opera, it's a bootcamp of relationships which we all can identify with!