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2.3 A WEEK


Seasons: 1

How Many Times a Week Do You Do It? The series explores the most intimate and least talked about aspect of our private lives and relationships: sex. This scripted drama series, shot like a reality series, introduced a groundbreaking new method of shooting drama – the locations were rigged with 15 remotely operated "hidden" cameras, and the actors played out a reality show with "real" people about relationships and sex. The series brings together the story of a group of people participating in a national research survey of contemporary sexual habits. All research participants have cameras installed in their homes, capturing the most moving, funny and dramatic moments of their intimate lives, as happens in reality shows. This seemingly "real-life" footage is highlighted by the characters' "testimonials" - their reflections, their hopes, explorations and dilemmas - as they discuss their sex lives once a week, on-camera, at the research clinic. Thus the series raises fascinating questions about relationships and sex, sex as a tool, sex as a weapon and sex as means of expression. "In less than half an hour, the creators of the series did something that I had not seen on the screen in a long time, in a dense exposition and at a pace that was successfully disguised as slow and easy, they gave viewers a ton of information about the characters, in the script and the fine and reliable sets that were built for them. In one word: excellent." Ynet